Partial List of Exported Products

Aircraft Hangers
Aircraft Refuelers
Aircraft Towing Tractors
Airfield Lights
All Terrain Vehicles
Ambulances – Type I, II, & III
Armored Vehicles
Baggage Handling Systems
Baggage X-Ray Machines
Blood Drawing Chairs
Blood Pressure Monitors
Building Supplies
Cargo Inspection Systems
Casualty Transport
Catering Trucks
CCTV / Card Access Cranes

Drug Testing Kits
Emergency Training Aids
Fire Fighting Helmet, Jacket, Pants & Boots
Flight Information & Paging System
Forklifts / Hi-Loaders
Ground Power Units
Guard Booths
Gym Equipment
Hospital Beds
Hospital Patient Room Furniture
Laundry Equipment
Law Enforcement Equipment
LPG Tanker
Medical Training Aids
Medication Carts
Mobile Arms Vault
Mobile Command Post
Mobile Crime Lab
Mobile Hospital
Mobile Kitchen
Orthopedic Soft Goods
Oxygen Concentrators
Nurse Call Systems
Passenger Boarding Bridges
Passenger Buses
Playground/Recreational Products
Pop-up Barriers
Portable Roadway Systems
Prefabricated Structures
Rapid Deployment Shelters
Rehabilitation Equipment
Rescue Training Aids
Riot and Tactical Gear
Spare Parts
Surgical Equipment
Surveillance Vehicle
Training Aids – Medical, Rescue
Treatment Tables
Under-Vehicle Inspection System
Vehicle Barrier Systems