Specialized Vehicles

Partial List of Specialized Vehicles

We offer a broad scope of specialized vehicles that are used for a multitude of purposes.

We can custom build vehicles that will meet your needs.


Introducing The Ultimate All-Terrain Fire-Resuce Vehicle

The most versatile fire fighting vehicle you can have in your rescue arsenal. This compact fire fighting module built on popular ATV chassis brings the fire fighting power of a full size pumper but at the fraction of the size and cost. Utilizing environmentally friendly foam and water formula to fight fires makes it safe and easy to use by both civilians and professional firefighting.

Fire ATV

EJ Metals Assault Force 70 - Download EJ Metals Assault Force 70.4 - Download

Introducing CRUISE CAR – Customizable Passenger and Utility Vehicles

Cruise Car Inc. - efficient, affordable solar electric hybrid low speed vehicles that are street legal on roads with posted speeds of 35 mph or less, providing alternative energy transportation solutions for airports, hospitals, military bases, municipalities, resorts, theme parks, residential communities, and college, corporate and healthcare campuses.

Fire ATV

Let us know what your requirements are and we can customize a transport solution to meet your needs!

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